The Freediver Swims - Aerial Video of Dynamic No Fins Freediver in Pool

I wanted to create a journey through a freediving pool dynamic swim. Where time gets lost and you just feel like you're flying with music that emphasises the sensations of a blissful dive. Where the dive just continues and continues and you follow the freediver through their repetitive dive, over and over from above.

Once you push off from the wall, you're flying and it's just a matter of working out a couple of stroke techniques to help you propel forwards. These repeat themselve's and from above, look mesmerising and was something I wanted to show, with the correct music/audio and with the video technique above, rather than panning with the diver, I have used one shot and repeated it in the separate videos. It just took a bit of time management on the video editing part and all worked out, like you see above.

Here I have stitched together 6 videos, which result in a freediver swimming underwater through each of the videos, in to the next. I have added the music by the Files and Fires which in my opinion works really well with the visual of the waters surface and the climax of the song rising as the freediver swims out of shot.

Freediver: Edin Begic - Video Assistant: Rachel Evens - Music: The FilesĀ  &Fires -The Sadness Meant

Best Viewing: Good internet connection required and best viewed on laptop or bigger screen with headphones on.

Capture date
Camera equipment
GoPro 3+ Silver
man made
Project type